3D Printing LEGOS Successfully

3D printed lego bricks. by  luke_kemeny  on Instagram

3D printed lego bricks. by luke_kemeny on Instagram

I’m sitting down thinking of ideas for my next youtube video. Pinterest is open on my desktop and a flat retro lego mario catches my attention. It’s an 8-bit NES mario assembled from 1 stud lego bricks. Super easy to make, but lego bricks are expensive. My 3D printer is running and, like connecting two bricks together, an idea clicks.

I search Google for 3D printable lego models. I found one on MyMiniFactory. A social network and database for 3D printing. The upload looked good, and it had a little over 100 downloads. It was the best I could find so I downloaded and printed four bricks. Unfortunately, they didn’t work. The bricks were lose and didn’t snap into place like legos.

I searched again and found the best resource. Here you will find over 12,000 LEGO sets accompanied by a downloadable file with (.stl) models for every piece. I downloaded a classic set with the basic bricks we all know and love. Then I printed some bricks and, the results were amazing!

I played with lots of legos growing up. We had a tote full of them. Different colors, shapes, and styles. I’d sit for hours and let my imagination lose. It’s something I wish I could go back to, but thanks to technology I can create my own bricks and not look weird for buying myself a box at some store in the kids aisle.

I think we’ve associated legos with children. Being curious and imaginative isn’t bound by age, and LEGOS are such a great way to open your mind and encourage creativity in my opinion. I also find it weirdly relaxing to have a bunch of pieces laying around and put things together. There’s got to be studies on this I’m sure.

I’m not affiliated with printabrick in any way. This is the only site I can find with accurate LEGO brick models. Thanks for reading!