Behind the Curve Review


Behind the Curve Review

Despite the laws of math, science, and education; thousands of people still believe in a flat Earth.

Behind the Curve is an entertaining documentary that explores the lives of “flat earther’s”. It follows protagonist Mark Sargent, a role model in the flat Earth community who started a YouTube channel around the theory that gained worldwide attention and thousands of followers.

The Documentary showcases science test conducted by members of the Flat Earth Society. All of which proved the Earth is round. Still, flat-earther’s are exploring new ways of proving the Earth is flat despite these findings.

Flat Earth theory has gained fans by the thousands. According to a study by YouGov with 8,215 adult participants, they found that just 66% of millenials think the Earth is round. The search term “flat earth” has exploded on Google search since 2015. It’s definitely a trend worth noting.

Behind The Curve was more about human psychology to me and that’s why it’s so good. Despite the laws of math, science, and education; thousands of people still believe the theory. Some even face family scrutiny and lose close relatives or friends. Why are they choosing to stick to this belief?

I think it has to do with purpose and self worth. The community of flat-earther’s is enormous. Newcomers are welcome, and joining is like joining a family. You aren’t considered weird, but unique. You’re joining a community with a purpose for answers, research, and learning.

Do we live in a giant Terrarium? Is NASA a lie fabricated by Hollywood? All valid questions, but there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Maybe we’re inside an alien snow globe simulator somewhere up on a forgotten shelf. Sounds like a good plot for a Black Mirror episode. Which you can also find on Netflix.

Thanks for reading!