There's Never a Good Time to Do Anything

Never a Good Time.png

Most of the “down time” we have should be “up time” doing the things we love.

I think when we have too much work, and work all day- we think there’s no time to pursue our passion. There’s never a good time to start anything. We all have life to deal with, but when you’re sitting on the couch watching Netflix, playing video games, or binge watching YouTube- there are no excuses. You could be using this time to actually pursue your passion. Most of the “down time” we have should be “up time” doing the things we love.

Some of us don’t work 9-5, but most of us do- so this applies to anyone working a day job they hate. If you rather be doing something else you love to do, spend every minute at home doing that. I used to get caught all the time watching YouTube, Facebook, and being sucked into social media. Before you know it, an hour went by. I still struggle with this, but once you acknowledge you’re wasting time and are aware of what you could be doing- that’s the time to “do”. Insert Nike slogan here.

I started making Vlogs and the only time I had to film was after my 9-5 job. Living in Michigan during the winter is hard because most of the time you’re outside work- it’s dark out. Not good conditions for filming. So I planned what I wanted to talk about ahead of time. Right when I left work, I got to work with the small 1-3 hour window of sunlight available. Otherwise it comes down to filming at home with a proper light setup. I could easily say, “there’s not enough time to film, it’s always dark out”,-excuse, “I should wait till a better time”,- procrastination, “Why even bother making vlogs”,- doubt. All killers of taking action, but just remember. There’s never a good time to do anything, so you just start.

If I can offer the best piece of advice at this moment in time, it’s to start doing what you love to do NOW. There’s millions of quotes about getting things done. The first step to accomplishing your aspirations is to literally take the first step. Grab a pencil, make a call, write a post about your opinion, take out your camera and film. Start now.